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In Grow It! The Food Entrepreneurs Guide to Crowdfunding you will find:

  • Tips & strategies from successful crowdfunders include RipeNear.Me, Compost Ninjas, Eat Me Chutney and Gippsland Diary.
  • The story of how The Food Justice Truck raised over $150,000 to support asylum seekers in Melbourne.
  • Insights and advice on preparing for your campaign, choosing rewards, creating a video, and using social media to spread the word.
  • A foreword from Costa Georgiadis of Costa’s Garden Odyssey.

Costa Georgiadis    Host of Costa’s Garden Odyssey

Alistair Martin  RipenNearMe

Meg Berryman & David Hale  Harmoneat

designed by Alisha Lorentz

StartSomeGood exists to help people with a vision for a better future, rally the community, and raise the funds they need to turn their ideas into action. And one of the places this is most needed, but also where we've had some of our biggest successes to date, is in food.

Our mainstream food industry has us hooked on food which is bad for us, bad for farming communities and bad for the environment. The bad news is the marketing and branding behemoths that dominate the sector make it hard for alternatives to break through.

But the good news is those alternatives exist, everywhere. Maybe you have an idea you're working on which will better sustain our bodies, communities, and world? If so we need you! And at StartSomeGood we want to help you get your idea out into the world.

We have been privileged to help many inspiring food projects crowdfund over the past few years, from food trucks and mobile markets to community gardens and cooperative dairies, apps for sharing the food we have and platforms for connecting those working for the food system we need.

Now we've put their stories and advice into a book to help you do what they've done - raise the funding you need to change the world.

So what are you waiting for? Download it now!

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